Thought you can't handle this alone ? let me help with a wardrobe detox and rebuild a functional one which you absolutely love!

duration: from 2-4 hours

HKD$ $3000-5000

Thought you can't handle this alone ? I'll teach you a methodical approach to a wardrobe detox to put your misery away...

Food for thought:

You are what you wear so what do your clothes say about you?
From what you buy, how you look after them and how often you wear your clothes, all the way to how you dispose of them, make statements about who you are!
How about swapping your clothes instead of buying new for a change, finding out how your clothes were made and by whom, learning how to sew and mend to extend the lease of life of your beloved items?

Budget conscious? Let's have fun re-discovering every item in your closet and see how many outfits we can put together! Are you ready?

Explore your own wardrobe with fresh eyes before you make another trip to the mall!

Wardrobe Management

What is your wardrobe full of?

Q: ​Why is there nothing to wear when your wardrobe is full to the brim?
A: The items in your closet are not appropriate for your lifestyle so nothing seems right!
A: You have too much all crammed in there that you don't even know what you have got!

After you have your colours done and discovered your style, you might want some help with refining and transforming your wardrobe so that you can build up a versatile core of clothes in your best colours and style. I don’t advocate a total closet overhaul as I believe a bit of creativity can bring about new coordinated outfits from the existing items and you can do that on a budget too. Use your limitations as an inspiration to see yourself and your clothes with fresh eyes. Not dissimilar to making use of what a scrapbooking kit provides to create a masterpiece, what could you possibly salvage and repurpose to give them a new lease of life? Minimize your carbon footprint and you can save a lot immediately after the session when you know exactly what you need and what you don't.

Is there anything better than being able to pull together the day's outfit first thing in the morning while giving it little to no thought at all, and be ready to walk out the door in 15 mins?

I need to get to know you and to understand your situation and perspective, and we shall then go at your pace.

I usually start by asking my client to pull a piece from her wardrobe that she doesn't know what to do with it or wants to get more use from. I shall then create multiple outfits to show her how to mix-and-match to get more looks out of them.

After weeding out the old and outdated, items that you will never wear again, and what is left that suits your colouring, shape, budget and meets your lifestyle needs, we can then build a capsule wardrobe of essentials, mix and match different garments of yours (even if they are the 'wrong' colours and style) to create a functional wardrobe which is coordinated, flexible and stylish. Imagine the time and money saved while simplifying your life!

My forte is sorting out your wardrobe and shopping for core missing items to create a look that suits your lifestyle, colouring, shapes and your style essence.

You only need a small number of individual pieces in your wardrobe that complement your colouring, body shape and style personality to have something fabulous to wear for every single occasion!

Most people choose to have a seasonal make-over. Some prefer doing it bi-annually / once a year. Women with a lot on their plates might even opt to have their shopping done by her Personal Stylist to save time and to take out the stress involved.

If you haven't had your colours  / style done (which I highly recommend), you can still book for a wardrobe consultation as I will use paper dolls (my own diagnostic tool) to get to know more about you before our sessions.

What you get out of a wardrobe make-over?

  • There is fashion and style already lurking in your closet so let me help you get those items out into the light and create Monday to Sunday outfits!!!
  • We will review your wardrobe and decide on what to let go, what needs altering or style it in a way that makes you feel great (purge and organise
  • I will personally walk you through the steps of your wardrobe organisation and edit and teach you a variety of style points along the way
  • I will help you cull your wardrobe using the sorting systems that work for you and your lifestyle (lifestyle pie)
  • We will work out your best neutrals, basics, and accent colours for your capsule wardrobe (wardrobe charts)
  • You will feel amazing every time you open your wardrobe
  • There won’t be any more ‘I have nothing to wear’ or "What should I wear to work today?" moments
  • By shopping your wardrobe, you will learn to maximize your wardrobe’s mix and match potential, with more outfits and fewer clothing dilemmas (discover the potential of combinations for every outfit you own)
  • We will review what fits, what suits you and put together a portfolio of outfits for the different events and occasions in your life
  • You will be advised on the shops, brands and sizing
  • You will make smarter buys based on what you already own
  • I will teach you how to supplement your wardrobe seasonally to keep you looking current and relevant
  • You will learn how to look better in outfits by alterations and repair (make do and mend!)
  • Determine what key pieces are missing followed by a guided shopping list to complete your wardrobe

​Let's create a delicious wardrobe that works for every occasion, at the drop of a hat!