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duration: 2-2.5 hours

HKD$ 1800

Style + Colour Combo

duration: 3 hours

HKD$ 3000

Rosa was very professional and provided me with really good feedback to update my personal style.She was very patient and went through everything from color to fabrics and types of clothing that would flatter my body type and facial structure.After the consult, Rosa sent me a very detailed report outlining her suggestions and tips.  I found the session very helpful and informative. I can't wait to try some of her suggestions.  Thank you so much for your help Rosa.

Juliana C.

I was "puzzled”. Yes, I never knew the colors and styles that were best suited for my image. Put it this way, I never really had an image as I just randomly mixed and matched my outfits.  After the consultation, I get to know more about my body shape, hair color and skin tone and I have a much better idea about what makes me look good. I swear every woman loves that!   I appreciate your seriousness and passion towards your job.  I wish you success on this beautiful path of personal styling.
Jacqueline Y.

Rosa came to give me a consultation on color, body shape and style recommendations.  I found it interesting that I am a winter color person, which matches most of the colors I would normally choose, with a few exceptions which I will pay more attention to in future. Her advice on my body shape and her recommendations for styles I should go for, and styles I should avoid, were very helpful. This also helped to confirm why some clothes in my wardrobe have rarely been worn because they never looked right on me. I found the consultation to be pleasant and fun. I now know, with some confidence, what to wear to look good.
Pauline N.



How do you really want to dress?

Now that you have your colours done, let’s move on to choosing the best styles for you according to your body and face shape, scale and proportion as well as your personality and  lifestyle preference. Find out what works and what doesn't and the reasons behind it!

Dress for your body shape, flatter your proportions, and create an illusion of the ideal body shape!

It is your personality that dictates your style! ​

I will help you identify your unique style, your style personality and get you out of a style rut should that be the case. One less to-do on your list...let me help you shine! Dress for occasions feeling a billion dollars!

None of us mortals has a perfect body. A great style is a style which brings out the best in your body and personality. Understanding my body shape and personality was indeed a turning point for me. I am slowly changing my wardrobe and I am now wearing my new styles with confidence.

Utilize your CREATIVITY in getting dressed and putting together an outfit with the best colour combo, patterns, and accessories.  Try something new and get out of the style rut. Get excited about the new you who has been hiding out in the background. You deserve to take the centre stage!

Some people do it once but many prefer to have a style update whenever they go through a different phase of life such as marriage, after having a baby, a change of career, moving to a new environment / country,  not to mention a change of lifestyle.

While size and trend may change fairly often, personal style seldomly does. 

If you have a personal style, you will always have a personal style. It is your signature written on your body with what you wear. 

I am here to help you gain style confidence. I love working with clients on an on-going basis and becoming part of your style journey.It is so rewarding to see your style evolves as you become more confident with what you wear. Together, we work out what you need and want.

What you get out of the consultation?

A personal profile based on your colouring, body shape and personality.

  • A style analysis based on your style personality and brand preference (new feature)
  • You will find out your body shape, scale and proportion which allows you to try different styles that make you look fabulous
  • You will get noticed and attract others to you as you stand taller and exude confidence
  • You will learn what styles accentuate your positive assets and those that minimize your figure challenges
  • You save a lot of time and money by eliminating what doesn’t suit you
  • You will learn how to coordinate garments and accessories to create your own style based on your style personality
  • You will learn which garment colour contrasts give you the best proportions
  • You will learn how to choose fabric textures and patterns, necklines and designs  for your body shape
  • You will love the clothes you are in
  • ?You will understand which perfume suits your personality
  • You get a customized style profile written up to help you select clothing and accessories within a week after the consultation
  • And lots more…

Re-invigorate or upgrade your style...Be confident about the way you look!