"Desiring less is even more valuable than owning less." -Joshua Becker

A gift that pampers yourself and your BFFs:

You deserve SELF LOVE, all the more so if you were going to help and serve others.

A one of a kind e-magazine for adults who are stressed, bored, and even angry. A playbook for those who need a dose of inspiration and an injection of creativity in their otherwise mundane life in an old school way, back to the basics long forgotten when we were happy to play with dolls, cutting and pasting, and having fun with make-believe props. Psp is my dedication to readers who appreciate a simple way of life and are willing to see the world a little bit differently. 

Learn to love yourself and be confident!!!

There are over 100 pages of fun-filled contents to get your creative juice flowing again. You will find articles written by me and contributors from all over the world who share the same belief and vision as mine.


Be inspired and Happy Shopping!

Gift Voucher
If you are looking for a special gift idea, how about a gift voucher for my personal image consultation services?

Gift an experience for your family and friends, a gift that gives long after it has been opened!

Quick Styling Tip:

Vintage jewelry

I love re-purposing vintage jewelry as well as accessories hand made by artists. Accessorizng is the best way to make a statement!
Never underestimate the power of accessories; they can make or kill an outfit if you don't get them right, or if you don't wear them at all.

​By adding some statement jewellery, whether it is a pair of bright earrings or a bold necklace, hairclip or headpiece, you can make your face the focal point. Isn't that where you want people looking at?

Beauty Bundle is coming soon...accessories and jewellery which suit your style personality, in your best colours, to complete your outfit!

My Manifesto:

Dressing well shouldn't cost the earth and has nothing to do with how much money you have at your disposal. 

I am commited to showing you how to look great while reducing your fashion footprint.

Always shop for clothes that suit your body shape and flatter your skin tone.

Know your best neutral and accent colours.

Buy your clothes from eco-designers, op-shops, vintage stores, markets and clothes -swapping events.

Consume less and wear more of what you have got by learning how to create outfits.

I will help you buy better, consume less, and wear more.