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The transformation I'd like my listeners to go through while listening to my show:

  • find valuable content and professional advice on all things image-related
  • a change of mindset about shopping: going for second-hand, slow fashion, more mindful in your spending habits on fashion
  • accept and embrace second hand garments, stop buying new, learn about what goes behind the fast fashion that we are buying, support the Fashion revolution movement
  • stop impulse buying but learn to shop their own closet first, learn to create outfits using the existing garments by mix and match, using accessories to complete the final look
  • the idea of modifying the old garments (seamstress), DIY, upcycle, recycle with creativity
  • have the confidence to be your authentic self
  • reduce waste by being inspired and informed to catalyze and change the fashion industry
  • instead of the clothes make the woman, how about being the one who actively participates in making the clothes?


Why is it that you are happy to spend a fortune on a flat screen TV but reluctant to invest in yourself and your wellbeing? YOU ARE IMPORTANT. You are paying for the transformation you get which lasts forever (unless you want to change your image at a later stage...)

Why do I want to start a podcast?

I love speaking and writing. I got complimented a lot on my voice and maybe making money with my voice could be a reality. I like the format of an audio as people can listen to podcasts whenever and wherever they are. I get to learn a skill in the process and I am facing the fear head-on by learning to bring my podcast shows to life! It is a great way to reach out to people from all over the world and hopefully to build a relationship with like-minded people. Above all, I have a message to share which I believe is so so needed at this point in time. I will share my personal journey from a hardcore shopaholic to a 'minimalist'' in progress, as well as many stories I came across. It is a marketing tool I'll use along with others such as blogging and Youtube videos to speak my mind and raise awareness of the current state of fashion consumption, in the hope of igniting my audience the desire to be part of the fashion revolution. I have so much info, insights, tips, and resources to share which I believe would help my audience / subscribers solve their image-related problems while saving time and money in the long run. Ultimately I wish my audience would come to me for my image consultancy services which are so crucial to begin their journey from excessive consumerism to looking amazing without spending on the unnecessary, with extra money and time to live a lifestyle of their choice. I am here to help you make better conscious choices about what you wear in your body so that you too can play your part as a consumer to address and rectify the injustice brought about in today's fast fashion on the inhumane working conditions of the people behind the scene, to support zero waste and recycling to promote fair trade practices.

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Who am I? A short bio...

Hi, I am the founder of ,Rosa, your personal stylist who advocates sustainable fashion, for ‘normal’ women like you and I.

Having taught English in Hong Kong for 12+ years, I decided enough is enough so I changed career at 45 by getting trained and certified as a Personal Stylist (aka Image Consultant) in the hope of helping women to look great 24/7 with confidence.

I am about to turn 50 next year but I don’t feel old at all because I have yet a mission to complete and that is: to inspire and motivate you, my audience, to embrace your imperfection, knowing what suits and what not and express your individual personalities in the clothes you put on. I want you to have the freedom of time and money to live your dream life with grace and style! An all or nothing kind of woman whose asset is her brain, I make suggestions and give advice to women who are open to listen, willing to step out of their comfort zone, and be part of the fashion revolution.

Now you may be wondering why 40+...okay, let's get real here. Unless you were a celebrity, many women of our ages have lost their confidence in making fashion choices and feeling invisible. As we are in the same boat, I innately understand the pain points and struggles you are going through and I am here to guide you back to your authentic self looking fabulous and confident. And you might be wondering why ME and not the many other Personal Stylists out there? Well, for 3 major reasons: I can be brutally honest and objective, I don't encourage buying more, and you are totally safe with me as I believe in confidentiality and I am here to help with my heart.

Now, I am not asking you to ditch everything in your existing wardrobe, or stop buying and start making your own clothes; but that's a way to go if you choose to. I personally believe in looking amazing without shopping incessantly for the latest and the newest. All you need is a basic knowledge of colour and style, an open mind, the secrets to mix and match items already existing in your closet, and dare to wear your own signature style with confidence. You can't go wrong being your authentic self!

Through a variety of image consultancy services including colour analysis, style personality profiling, wardrobe management and personal shopping, I help empower women with the tools and knowledge they need to build and develop their own unique wardrobe, confident about what they choose to wear while having fun! Brought up in Melbourne, I am a devout customer when it comes to op-shopping. I wish to be part of the centrestage where mindful consumption and  green environment trump retail profits. Will you join me?

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