Personal Shopping

Shopping with a Personal Stylist means no mistakes, no wasted time and money!

Now that you have cleared your wardrobe and see what you own, don’t go shopping for the sake of filling the extra room. During the weeding process, we have made a list of what to fill in so buy only the essential items on the list and nothing more.

Great shopping starts with knowing what you already have and figuring out what you need to add. It is about sticking to a budget and getting value for money. Just because something new is on display doesn't mean you have to own it. Choose to buy what you truly appreciate and not because everyone else is wearing it. If something doesn't fit, let go.


I don't encourage my clients to buy the new / latest. Instead I help you select items based on needs and not trends. I prefer to show you how to be happy with what you already have by creating outfits that express your unique style.

Should you need some guidance when you shop, this is when I come into the picture. I will show you the colours to buy and the ones to avoid, what shapes and styles to look for, and how to create the total look you want to project to the world. I don't LOVE shopping for myself but it is a privilege to be able to help my clients find the perfect outfit or a selection of different garments to create their ultimate capsule wardrobe. Nothing beats the rewarding feeling when I help my clients enjoy the whole shopping experience and see their confidence soar looking great!

Planning is the key.  Investing in the quality and classic pieces, in neutral colours, and preferably all-season fabrics would save you loads in the long run.


What to get out of a one-to-one, in person shopping trip session?

  • With me by your side, your shopping trip would be stress-free
  • I can help for different reasons: from finding that one essential item to complete the look, finding that special occasion outfit, looking for accessories to add that final touch, to fulfilling your holiday needs by finding your holiday wardrobe. 
  • you will consider factors such as lifestyle, weather, occupation and fit in choosing the best style, fabric and colour
  • You will be given inspired style advice such as mixing low and high cost items to meet your budget and lifestyle
  • You will discover pieces for your signature vibe
  • You will have better understanding of shops, brands, and sizing to minimize making unnecessary mistakes
  • you will learn how to make a list, create a budget and dressing room tactics
  • ​you will learn about cost per wear so you get the most out of your purchases 

What kind of shopper are you?

I am an 'innovative / creative 'shopper according to an online quiz. True to its core, I have my fashion feet on the ground but reach for the style stars. The challenge of mixing and matching options is so much fun. I avoid fads in favour of a few great basic quality outfits. I use accessories to make a statement. I love shopping at thrift stores and labels don't mean anything to me because I invent my own signature style which can't be duplicated!I barely make mistakes and I have got what it takes to make women look great without burning their pockets!

One of the reasons you hate shopping is the lack of awareness of what looks good on you while feeling overwhelmed by all the choices available

Consider alloting 30% to your accessories. They are neccessities that can transform your outfits!

duration: 2 hours HKD$ 2500

 and HKD$500 for each additional hour

Be on the look out for classics and staples.

Anything else on the rack must be something you could team with at least 3 items in your current wardrobe.


including all 4 service packages of a total of 8 hours over a period of 2 weeks

HKD$ 7800

I do offer pre-shopping, Shop for you service and online personal shopping only if I know your likes and dislikes well enough. 

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