You can find everything related to sustainable fashion including: finding gems in second hand shopping( where and how), green fashion, minimalism, eco fashion designers, vintage finds, fashion revolution, how to extend the lease of your garments (storage tips), investment buys, upcycle, recycle, swapping, befriend with your seamstress / tailor, etc…

The purpose of the newsletter: to raise awareness of the vast majority of consumers who succumb to fast fashion and trend to see for themselves what is really happening behind the fashion industry and hopefully become more mindful in their spending habits. I believe in looking great without breaking the bank as long as you have the basic knowledge of colour and style, learning how to mix and match with your existing garments and dare to create your signature style and be proud of it. You can’t go wrong being your authentic self! Of course, show your support to the fashion revolution is one of the many ways to help with our environment.

There are 4 parts to the newsletter: 
An article on one of the topics mentioned above, sharing advice and ideas, helping people find their online tribes and to feel accepted and inspired
Steal The Style: fashion trends, ‘wear it well’ tips , fun quizzes
Make it / DIY: suggestions of quick and easy ways to recycle / upcycle your old clothes / spare fabrics to create sth new and fresh
Outfit challenge: readers are challenged to post an outfit combination using my boutique pieces (to promote my shop) to be reviewed and a prize is offered for the best OOTD 

And you will only get it ONCE a month by subscription only. 

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