Congratulations Gail, whom I learned from at Study in Style, for recently awarded at the AICI Conference in Mexico her CIP Award and being one of the 4 people in the world holding both this award and the C&G/FIPI Master's Award in Image Consultancy.

​I am so proud of you! Thanks for the training!


News and Events

Style-Proud is right at your finger tips should you wish to invest in yourself and get your colour analyzed, create your signature style, manage your wardrobe and / or shopping for the items that you love and actually wear! Rosa is available either in person if you live in Hong Kong or she can guide you through Skype wherever you are.
(Rosa is going away to Iceland for a 3 month sabbatical from Oct-Dec so please nail her down in sept if you need her face to face.)

The online boutique  is now updated with over a thousand items at your perusal. Check them out and get them quick as these one of a kind items go real fast. The bonus? You get to have a mini consultation with me before you part your money so that you are guaranteed to wear your purchases with confidence. And did I mention free alteration as an added service?


1. Beauty Bundle is coming soon hopefully in January 2018. A new feature where you subscribe at a monthly fee to get a set of accessories (a combination of sorts depending on your preference and needs) delivered to your door direct from my online boutique, which completes your outfit which is flattering on your skin tone and eye / hair colour. Stay tune on the home page of my website and Facebook.

2. I will be launching my podcast hopefully sometime in October while I am taking my sabbatical in Iceland. Please come back here and check out my Facebook page : rosabebeautiful/  for the latest.

​​​3. There will be a monthly contest starting in November (tentatively) when you choose my items on my online boutique to create outfit of different themes and requirements which I suggest on Facebook and on my home page, post your creation on IG, Pinterest, FB and send me a copy by email and you get to win a prize (a bag, a piece of jewellery or a piece of garment) once a month. Keep your eyes peeled. The fun is yet to come!