I have enjoyed the session for colour and style with Rosa. It was fun and really interesting. I find the consultation very useful as I learned about which colours are best suitable for me.. Rosa was really attentive and professional and I recommend anyone to book a consultation with her to discover more about her body and personality. I am now feeling more confident in being myself.                                                                  

Wenny L.

"I tried Style-Proud’s Colour Analysis and Style Consultation, a unique personal stylist service that’s not so common in Hong Kong. My wardrobe is full of black and my clothes are in similar styles. I really have no idea how to mix colours and patterns which would look good on me so I always stick to the same old things and only check out a few brands I am familiar with. After the consultation, I found out the colours that suit me best as well as styling tips to enhance my features. I really enjoyed this experience which is like sharing with a close friend. I was particularly impressed with the professional tools and fabric swatches and the detailed written report that I received within a week after the consultation  has certainly helped me to know myself better! I’d recommend her service to women who have trouble selecting what to wear everyday. Now that I know my best colours, I can’t wait to try out my seasonal look."
Sue S.

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duration: 1.5-2 hours

HKD$ 1400​

Colour + Style combo

duration: 3 hours 

HKD$ 3000

Colour Analysis

Get your kapow shades sorted once and for all!

How you wear colour affects your perceived body shape!

You don’t need to be an artist to work with the spectrum of colours. A colour wheel is all you need to see how colours work together. However, it can be hard to be objective about yourself.

"Our colouring is just one aspect of our kaliedescopic being!!!"

Based on your answers to a questionnaire and by comparing a selection of drapes on you, I will assess what the best colours are for you. I will also take into account of your personality to identify your customised colour palette. If you don't feel like you match your chart, hold the other colours to your face and see how you look in them. Remember, colour is a powerful tool to fuel your life!

Understanding your best range of colours is an essential part of a style makeover.
Paint your mood, your intention and your expectations by harnessing the power of colour!

As a consultant, I am here to give you a little extra guidance to show you which seasons you are, what it means for you, your best neutral and accent colours within your season, how to put colours together and how to use your colour wallet when you go shopping.

What you get out of the consultation?

  • You get to discover the world of colour from a new perspective

  • You will learn to use colour to make the most of yourself-visual charisma

  • You will look and feel more confident 

  • You will find your best lightest and darkest neutrals and your best contrast colours

  • You will always look your best (even without make-up)

  • Your outfits will come together with ease

  • You will be advised on neutrals, accent colours, accessories and make-up

  • You will have a greater choice of colours that you know you can wear

  • You will save time and money when you shop as you will only go for colours in your palette

  • You will have the option of ordering your own seasonal swatch wallet for an additional HKD$250 retail price)

**Bring your favourite fabric stash to the session!
***Best to avoid wearing polo neck or turtle neck tops for this session. Would be ideal without makeup or fake tan.

"Colour...is the kind of magic that can transform from what you are into what you would like to be." ~ Edith Head