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For a weekly dose of tips on colour, style, wardrobe management, personal shopping (my 4 main service packages) plus topics on social issues including ageing, body image, feminism, skin care, makeup, accessories, fashion trending, building  confidence, work and retirement, business attire, executive presence, gender  inequality, body language, the Parisian style, note-worthy fashion bloggers, etc., sign up to receive my post once a week on weds!

I LOVE words and I love writing and sharing my stories and unique perspectives on different aspects of life. ​I don't believe I can change the world by acting alone but it'd be nice to lend my support to women who are powering through the aging process, with an intention to ease, educate and inspire you to be bold and be true to yourself. 

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."-Kurt Cobain

"I want to bleed all over my blog. I want you to see the real me, no matter what the cost or at what expense."-Hemingway

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