A heartfelt NOTE FROM ROSA

I am proud of my style; and I want that for you too.
Don't hesitate when it comes to investing in yourself; you are all you have got.
Make time for getting to know yourself on a deeper level.
Know what works and what doesn't is liberating.
Be inspired to create your own unique style and be proud of it.
Accentuate your best features and accept the not so ideal bits.
Our discussion is confidential and no one needs to know your body measurements.

You are safe with me.

Let me help you dress for important events, shop wisely and responsibly, put outfits together so you look impeccable and highlight your personalities through colour and style design!

Real transformation is about an alignment of who you are, what you love, what you want, and how you put that into your wardrobe. It becomes YOUR STORY, representing the internal on the external.

Allow your inner beauty to shine!

Who is Rosa:

Rosa Wong, FIPI/ City & Guilds Award in Image Consultancy, is a HK-based personal stylist. She guides women on colour, style, wardrobe management, personal shopping and creating outfits from her clients' existing closet. Rosa is passionate about helping women of all size and shapes  to build up their confidence through the art of dressing. As an advocate of sustainable fashion, she has the eye and knowledge to breathe life back into the dormant garments hanging in your closets by mixing & matching, colour combination, second hand finds, and making a statement with accessories to complete the look. She helps her clients to identify investment buys, rummaging for treasure finds in charity shops, suggesting alterations and mending instead of buying everything new.  Rosa has been blogging for years and you can find her articles at www.style-proud.blogspot.hk.

What keeps her alive? 

Her desire to inspire and motivate others to re-discover themselves and re-claim their confidence, in the form of speaking and writing. She is a lifelong learner and teaching is her forte. When she is not 'working', she spends her time reading, watching DVDs, listening to music while making art. She loves to travel to cold places and challenge is an absolute necessity to keep her moving forward. 

​She is currently based in Hong Kong providing customized services including colour analysis, style personality, wardrobe management and personal shopping. She is also available for online consultation via Skype.

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help you find the best colour palette that matches your natural skin tone, eye and hair colour, the most flattering garments for your body and face shape.

help you culling and rebuild your wardrobe so that there won’t be another ‘I have nothing to wear’ day,

and hold your hands shopping for the essentials and nothing more.

Please check out the consultation service packages which we offer

and we are only a phone call away should you need any more information

or simply book an appointment with us.


We help women 40+ of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life to be more confident

by showing them how to choose outfits, make-up, hairstyles and accessories

to make them look and feel fabulous 24/7.

 By understanding who you are, working with your unique features, and expressing yourself authentically, how can you not be confident?

We look forward to be an inspiration and working with you to make you beautiful inside out.