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Having been repeatedly complimented on my 'tastes' and 'styles', I am grateful to have the knowledge and skills as well as an eye for aestheticism to help transform people's appearances, without resorting to any kind of invasive surgery. I believe every woman is beautiful but most of the time, they are too busy to acknowledge their intrinsic beauty they were born with, and I am here to help to re-discover that forgotten beauty. In other words, I help women become who they were always meant to be, and project the confidence simply by being themselves.

Your appearance is highly subjective especially when it comes to colour. There is no right or wrong and the consultation is all about YOU my clients so you can wear a colour even it is not in your seasonal palette. 
Let me help you express your authenticity through the image tools of mine to save you time, energy and money in the long term.

Style-Proud changes lives, one client at a time.​ And that is fulfilling work!

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